Your future! ALPFA at Texas A&M will grow you professionally and personally. With countless ALPFA chapters across the nation and valued corporate sponsors behind us, we will guide you through the next steps in your career and life. Our corporate events offer insights into desired career pathways, and often yield employment opportunities for our members. Socials provide a fun environment to build lasting friendships, and our volunteer and philanthropy initiatives ensure we all add value to our community, together. Make the next step count - make it with the ALPFAmilia! 

Membership Dues

With $60 per year, or $35 per semester, we turn each member's dues into:

  • Exclusive meetings with Fortune 500 companies

  • Visits to corporate offices and headquarters

  • Internship and full-time opportunities

  • Social events such as holiday gatherings, pool parties, dancing, and much more!

  • Free t-shirts

  • Opportunity for a scholarship to ALPFA National Convention (in Las Vegas)

  • Multiple mentorship programs

  • Professional development workshops: resumes, networking, and more

  • Free food!

Payment Options