2019 - 2020 Executive Board

Carlos Olivas

Vice President of External Affairs | 2019 - 2020
Finance | 2022 | Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

"ALPFA has helped me gain professional skills, network, and has helped me gain new amazing friends ! I aim to create an even better environment for our members as ALPFA has greatly helped me become a better Aggie and I know it will for others!"

- Calos Oliva


Rocio Limon

Vice President of Internal Affairs | 2019 - 2020
Accounting | 2022 | Weslaco, TX

"ALPFA has provided me with opportunities to invest in my future both professionally and personally. As a member, I have spoken with business professionals about what they have to offer, and built friendships with people who make Texas A&M feel like home. College is all about finding the right place for yourself, and I’m glad I found my place within our ALPFAmilia. 


I am excited to be working alongside wonderful individuals and can’t wait to make this year a great experience for our members!"

- Rocio Limon


Finance Officer | 2019-2020

Diego Castaneda

Finance | 2022 | San Antonio TX

"ALPFA has impacted me greatly over the last year and a half. I have grown both professionally and socially through alpfa. Since joining in my freshman year, I have seen the organization grow and flourish and cannot wait to help impact the next generation of alpfa members. "

- Diego Castaneda


Doraime Ercia Soriano

National Representative | 2019-2020
Business Administration | 2022 | Laredo, Texas 

"At first I believed ALPFA was just like any other organization; however, after attending the welcome reception I realized ALPFA was much more. ALPFA has made me feel welcomed and it has expanded my professional opportunities. Not only did I grow as a person, but I met amazing friends along the way. 


As the National Representative I hope to witness personal and professional growth amongst the upcoming members as well as seeing them create wonderful memories."

-Doraime Ercia Soriano




Student Development | 2019 - 2020
Supply Chain Management | 2020 | Dallas, TX

"I have always wanted to be part of an organization that would challenge me to grow both personally and professionally, and I’m glad I have been able to accomplish that through ALPFA. This organization is my home away from home and has given me the opportunity to create lifetime friendships. 


The best decision I ever made my freshman year was joining ALPFA. I recommend anyone who is looking for a community, opportunity to expand its network, and grow as a person to join!. 


I’m very excited to see the professional growth of our members and work with an amazing team to accomplish great things."


- Juan Gallegos


Vanesas Villatoro

Social Affairs | 2019 - 2020
Management Information Systems | 2022 | Houston, TX

"Since I joined ALPFA I have seen a difference in the way I present myself to others. I love the professionalism that this organization embodies in each of their members. During my 1st year as a member and a VPI chair I was giving the opportunity to interact with recruiters and learn more about the opportunities out there, and let’s not forget the great friendships created here. The sense of family bond is strong here in ALPFA and I am so grateful I decided to join this org. I believe that ALPFA will take me far both professionally and personally."

- Vanesas Villatoro




Administration | 2019-2020
Accounting | 2022 | Decatur, TX

"I have recently participated in the FDL program with KPMG, the discovery EY program with Ernst & Young, and have accepted an internship for the Summer of 2020, opportunities that I would have never had without ALPFA. ALPFA truly takes pride in helping its members reach their potential by introducing programs and companies such as these.


I am proud to be a member of ALPFA and its Executive Board. I hope to be the leader ALPFA needs to ensure that ALPFA continues to be one of the greatest organizations. I am excited and ready to work hard to make this year the best one yet!"

- Janelle Aldape




Marketing | 2019-2020
Visualization | 2022 | Houston, TX

"ALPFA was one of the first organizations I have ever joined. It was the start to become more social. I created many great friendships and long-term relationships."

- James Cuevas


Julieta Muñoz

President | 2019-2020
Business Honors | 2022 | Lampasas, TX

“ALPFA is more than just a business organization. It has given me a family that has supported and challenged me to grow. As a freshman I have had the opportunity to network with professionals and learn more about the corporate world. This has given me a jump start in my future and help me develop professionally. Joining the ALPFAmilia my freshman year is the best decision I made. 

My goal is to grow ALPFA members through community service and expand the ALPFAmilia. I hope to make this year as amazing as my first year.”

- Julieta Muñoz